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• Welcome to the AJNA holistic products and service blog
What George Clooney Can Teach Us About Gratitude

Most people would love to have the bank accounts of today's A-list celebrities. Earning millions of dollars while doing work you love sure has appeal.

 But before you let jealousy set in or criticize others for having money, answer this: "Why aren't more 'average' people able to emulate the success of celebrities?"

No, it has nothing to do with acting talent or singing ability (you can earn millions doing virtually anything).

The real reason why most people aren't earning what they want is because they don't have the correct money mindset -- the mindset that many celebrities seem to have mastered.

Contrary to what you might think, at the core of this money mindset is the concept of giving. And if you think about it, this giving concept makes perfect sense.

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