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Consumers, Take Delight In AJNA
September 6, 2011

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – The health benefits of energy-harnessing therapies, such as Reiki and Feng Shui, are fueling a growing demand for qualified practitioners.

Consumers can take delight in AJNA, a holistic center and online wellness-products emporium based in Staten Island, N.Y.

Owned and operated by distinguished Reiki Master Valerie R. Gullo, AJNA offers a rare combination of wellness treatments for body and mind; Feng Shui-guided designs and adjustments for home and workplace; exclusive handmade therapeutic crystal jewelry, and wellness-enhancing products for bath, body and home.

“Our products, therapies and guidance may be utilized individually or in a variety of combinations,” Mrs. Gullo said. “AJNA’s mission is to resolve issues that diminish your enjoyment of life, such as those negatively impacting health, happiness, finances, life’s path, relationships and career.”

Reiki, developed in Japan, encourages healing and stress reduction as the practitioner’s hands influence the movement of energy within a client’s body.

In addition to Reiki treatments, AJNA therapies include analysis and individualized treatment of your body’s major centers of energy, known as chakras; personalized chromotherapy (color therapy) sessions, and other energy-harnessing therapies.

Mrs. Gullo’s handmade therapeutic crystal jewelry may be purchased at the AJNA showroom or online at www.YourAJNA.com.

AJNA may be reached at 718-980-7272, or by e-mail at Valerie@YourAJNA.com.

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